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We toured Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side of the Mexico Baja Peninsula where hundreds of Gray Whales come each year to the shallow bays to have their young and mate. It was an amazing experience, especially when the whales came over to our boat to interact with us.
Viewing Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay is from small open skiffs.We cruised the bay and soon learned there were whales everywhere steaming along.Some whales are traveling and don't want to be bothered.Other whales are curious and we stopped in the skiff to let them come over and visit.The bay is primarily a nursery area for new born whales because it is shallow and no predatorsMom's and babies hang out in the shallows learning and growing.The Mom's keep their babies close, but were never concerned about our presenceThe mother whales were curious too and came over and went under the skiffSome babies like to be petted.  Just splash your hand in the water to call them.One baby whale went down the side of the skiff to get a pet from each personThe interaction with the whales was magical due to our mutual curiousityEven Mom wanted to be petted and lifted her tail

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