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We based camped at the Forest Service cabin on the south tip of the island - Pt. Armagura. We kayaked, fished from our skiff and beach hiked from there. The cabin is West of Craig, just inside the island from the Pacific Ocean. It is an exceptionally rich marine environment.
We started the trip at our Hollis cabin on the East side of Prince of Wales Is., 40 M from KetchikanWe departed from Craig on the west side with mother skiff and 3 kayaks.Perfect weather to run out.The Forest Service Cabin - excellent condition and location.View from the deck.The east beach on the isthmus.Kayaks launchingWe made it around the end of the island looked out on the Pacific Ocean and headed up insideCruising the shore and kelp beds with sea otters, whales, seals and sea lions.We saw shrimp, crab and schools of bait fish down in the kelp bed hollowsSometimes we just went over the thick kelp bedsGravel bar walk in a very rich bay with clams and mussels and everyone eating them.StarfishView from one of our picnic beachesLocal oysters on the half shell for nightly cocktail hourtwo families of two different species of woodpeckers had special trees at our outhouse for viewingA family of varied thrush worked constantly to feed their young.Many shorebirdsBeach combing for bouysWe kayaked to many beautiful beaches for hiking.

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